Glenn Ward Newcastle Magician

Glenn Ward Close Up Magician


From 10 years old to 90 years old birthday celebrations, Glenn has performed close up magic. Either mingling with the guests before the meal or performing in a private room during the meal, magic is perfectly suited for these occasions.

Glenn has been entertaining party guests in venues all over the North East. From small intimate dinner parties, though to larger grand affairs.

Birthday Party Magic Newcastle
Birthday Party Magic by Glenn Ward

Looking to hire a magician for a party near Newcastle?

Based in Newcastle, Glenn has the North East covered as your party magician. 

Top 5 reasons a Close up Magician is perfect for a party

1. Larger parties are often full of small groupd of people who don’t know each other. A magician can bring several groups together, breaking the ice and starting new friendships. 

2. A birthday party in a private bar or venue, isnt that much different from just a night out in town. Having a magician amazing your guests makes your party night out memorable. Your friends will talk about your night for years to come.

3. As far as entertainment goes a close up Magician is great value for money. Sure a Band fills a dance floor and is visually entertaining for the non-dancers. However, a Band isn’t personal and taylored to each table or group. 

4. Have you ever wondered how a card actually gets stuck to the ceiling? It’s even better when it’s your name up there!

5. Finally, a party magician like Glenn Ward will get your guests laughing and feeling great. Who doesn’t like laughing?