There are a host of occasions where a close up magician can add that extra something to the event.

Birthday Parties

From 10 years old to 90 years old birthday celebrations, Glenn has performed close up magic. Either mingling with the guests before the meal or performing in a private room during the meal, magic is perfectly suited for these occasions.


The wide range of ages typically present at christenings is a perfect setting for the close up magician.  Glenn can entertain guests of all ages in this family situation, typically over the social buffet period.

Coporate Events, Student Balls, Xmas parties, Graduations

You get the drift!  Close up magic can enhance all of these social events.


Weddings deserve they’re own special mention!  They are the perfect event to hire a close up magician. They can enhance your guests enjoyment of the day, and even help it to flow smoothly.
Popular times to have a magician at weddings are:
  • While the photographs are being taken – guests are in the early stages of their socialising and are in just the right mood (i.e. still sober!) to be entertained!

  • During the wedding meal – in between courses of course! This can be a good icebreaker for those tables where guests don’t know each other too well – helping guests relax and get to know each other through magic and laughter!

  • During the interval between afternoon and evening receptions – the magician can make this time fly over and turn it into a highlight of their day!

  • The 1st hour of the evening reception – the magician can help to ease newly arriving evening guests into the party atmosphere!